Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level - Cat II Level II

Course ID: Cat II Level 2

This four day course, with an additional day for review and the exam, is intended for people who have mastered the basics, but who need to be able to take good data (and decide how the data collector should be set up); analyze a range of fault conditions; and understand balancing and alignment.

The course exceeds the ISO 18436-2 Category II standard and meets the ASNT Level II Recommended Practice.

The certification exam can be taken after the course.

Do you already have an understanding of vibration fundamentals and want to become more confident and accurate in your diagnoses? Then you will enjoy this course!

As a Category II analyst you are expected to know how to test machines correctly, how to diagnose faults accurately (and perform additional tests to verify your diagnosis), how to set vibration alarm limits, and how to correct certain types of faults. Now it is time to understand what those analyzer settings mean so that you can take the best measurements. Now it is time to understand why the vibration patterns change the way they do – and how to use time waveform analysis and phase analysis to verify the fault condition.

We are offering you the opportunity to not only learn these topics, but to truly understand the analyzer and machine so that you feel confident in the decisions you make.

Duration: 4 DaysInstructor: Tn Hj Hamidon Bin Ali